Sport venues and local teams


Carson City is not home to major professional sports teams. However, the city does have facilities and venues for various sports and recreational activities, as well as local sports teams and events. Please note that the sports scene may evolve, so it’s a good idea to check for the latest updates and events if you plan to visit. Here’s a general overview of sports venues and local sports in Carson City:

Sports Venues and Facilities:

  1. Carson High School Stadium: This facility hosts local high school sports events, including football, soccer, and track and field. It’s also a popular location for community events and gatherings.
  2. Fuji Park: Fuji Park features outdoor recreational areas and hosts events like rodeos, car shows, and more. It’s a versatile venue for community gatherings and outdoor activities.
  3. Carson Aquatic Facility: This facility includes a pool and water park for swimming and water-related activities, making it a popular spot for families during the summer months.

Local Sports Teams and Activities:

  1. High School Sports: Carson City is home to Carson High School, which competes in various high school sports, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and track and field. Attending high school sports events can be an enjoyable way to experience the local sports culture.
  2. Recreational Sports: The city offers recreational sports leagues and programs for residents, including youth and adult leagues for sports like soccer, softball, and basketball. These leagues provide opportunities for friendly competition and physical activity.
  3. Running and Cycling: Carson City hosts various running and cycling events throughout the year, including 5K and 10K races, as well as cycling races and tours. These events often take advantage of the city’s scenic surroundings.
  4. Golf: There are golf courses in and around Carson City, including the Eagle Valley Golf Course and Silver Oak Golf Course, where residents and visitors can enjoy a round of golf.