Regenerative travels in California


Yes. Support the planet on your next trip to California with these eco-friendly destinations, and experience Regenerative Travels in California.

Did you know that California is one of only 36 biodiversity hotspots in the world, according to the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund? California also have more national parks, state parks, and native species than any other state in the United States.

As responsible travelers, we can help ensure that these destinations stays that way, by engaging in regenerative travel.

What is regenerative travel and how does it differ from sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel aims to prevent further environmental damage. Regenerative travel goes a step further and seeks to leave a destination better than it was found. Regenerative travel connects eco-minded travelers with communities and businesses that are fully committed to long-term improvements.

Read more about Regenerative Travel at this link to the article from Visit California: Regenerative Travel Experiences in California

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